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Lion of Judah over Solomonic Style Crest "Solomonic Dynasty" collecction only 

Rastatothebone is based in London . We design and print our own t-shirts and tops. 

We started with the tees and eventually fulfilled a long time ambition to create a record label (Rastatothebone Records).  

Our aim is to reclaim culture through clothing as well as being a Home for Signature Roots Reggae Music. 

Our highly unique designs are worn by defenders of the faith, singers, musicians, selectas and mc's in the music industry as well as hundreds of faithful customers worldwide which keep coming back. 

We have five t shirts/top collections Black Star, Nubian Spirit, Collective Security, Militant Uprising, Rastatothebone and Solomonic Dynasty. 

All of the collections are culturally inspired from the ancient "Nubian Spirit" to the oldest Royal family in the world with the" Solomonic Dynasty" in celebration of HIM Emperor Haile Selassie the 1st and the Royal lineage of Ethiopia, with the more contemporary "Rastatothebone"  with vibrant Reggae notes to the "Militant Uprising" focusing in the freedom fighters and last but not least "Black Star" and its repatriation message.

We love designing and making these tees and take all the necessary steps to make sure we deliver the bespoke product that you deserve as a faithfull Rasta and Roots & Culture enthusiast.

We only produce superior t-shirts of high quality retail standard which have been manufactured fairly.

We continue to create new and exciting conscious designs and incorporation new products and styles, keep visiting our site for the latests exclusive items to come!

Give thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy our designs and quality rasta clothing as much as we enjoy making them!

Rastafari love from all the team @RASTATOTHEBONE